Who's Genavieve Rose?

(aka Gena // JEN-ah)  She is the FoundHer of the Facebook community The Academy of Adventuring Apprentices.  She believes that ALL women deserve someone to show up and share their skills so that women are able to create their own freedoms.  She’s a wife to her motorhead husband of 15 plus years.  A mother to their teenage daughter who aspires to be the first person to walk on Mars, and their pre-teen son who’s currently happy with a life filled with pizza!  She’s a proud influencer for two start-up companies featured on Shark Tank and in the New York Times; Sseko Designs an ethical fashion brand that educates & empowers women around the world and Tentrr Co. as a site Campkeeper on her husband’s family farm, to promote a better way to camp and help make exploring the outdoors dirt simple. As an advocate for mental health she shares her perspective as a daughter & as a survivor.  Things she can’t live without are days enjoying her farmhouse porch swing and sharing a bottle of wine with her bestie in their backyards or on a spur of the moment trip to Italy.  Learn more of her story here.

Who made my clothes?

Discover Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion company focused on creating empowerment & education for women.  A direct sales company with a purpose.  Build a BEST IN CLASS ethical wardrobe from around the globe with Genavieve as your Sseko Fellow.

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Hear My Story via Podcast

I was recently granted the adventure to be on my 1st Podcast, with Sarah Monares! I loved being her guest as her 15th episode debue! We chatted about an subject I am passionate about advocating for - mental health.  Sharing my perspective as a daughter & as a survivor. On this episode we really dive into my experiences of growing up with a mother who suffered from chronic mental illness and my own struggles with mental health and suicidal ideation. I hope you'll find my story inspirational on how to grow through the challenges and learn what I needed to prosper in life rather than just survive. I loved having this opportunity with Sarah to add to my adventures. 


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Want to learn more about how you can be connected to a community of real women in the US making change in our world?  Are you looking for a way that is fun & exciting to make an income? Feel like your purpose is to Show Up & Share your heart on key women's issues?  Do you love fashion?

Send me me a message to set up an interview to learn more about the Sseko Fellows Program & join the Founding Sseko Fellows Team, The Union of Bravery Tribe!

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The Academy of Adventuring Apprentices

is a Free Facebook group I lead to provide an online environment & community for women who want to share in their daily adventures, skills they are learning, and build freedoms together.

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Outdoor Adventures on our Farm with TentrrCo™

The Algonquian Gigitaan

Enjoy a stay on our 120 acre farm in Northeastern PA Farm Country!  Our 1st TentrrCo™ site (similar to Airbnb™ but for those who love the outdoors) is set under a field of stars, originally Native American settlement discovered on our farm.   Plan a coaching retreat, detox from entrepreneurship, or bring your family for a unique camping experience. 

A portion of each nights stay is donated to Native American education.


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