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(aka Gena // JEN-ah)  I'm the FoundHer of the Facebook community The Academy of Adventuring Apprentices.  I believes that ALL women deserve the opportunity to show up and share their skills so that women are able to create their own freedoms.  I'm a wife to my motorhead husband of 15 plus years.  A mother to our teenage daughter who aspires to be the first person to walk on Mars, and our pre-teen son who’s currently happy with a life filled with pizza!  I'm a proud impact entrepreneur for two start-up companies featured on Shark Tank and in the New York Times; Sseko Designs an ethical fashion brand that educates & empowers women around the world and Tentrr as a site Campkeeper along with my husband on our family farm, to promote a better way to camp and help make exploring the outdoors dirt simple. As an advocate for ALL WOMEN I mentor & train women to pursue discovering their WHY & build self-awareness through relationship sales practices. As a Simon Sinek, Start with WHY certified trainer and Counselor Sales Person master I enjoy empowering women to find their purpose through storytelling & self-awareness practices.  Things I can’t live without are days enjoying my farmhouse porch swing, my Sseko Brave Jewelry, my passport and sharing a bottle of wine with my bestie in their backyards or on a spur of the moment trip to Italy. 

Hear My Story via Podcast

I was recently granted the adventure to be on my 1st Podcast, with Sarah Monares! I loved being her guest as her 15th episode debue! We chatted about an subject I am passionate about advocating for - mental health.  Sharing my perspective as a daughter & as a survivor. On this episode we really dive into my experiences of growing up with a mother who suffered from chronic mental illness and my own struggles with mental health and suicidal ideation. I hope you'll find my story inspirational on how to grow through the challenges and learn what I needed to prosper in life rather than just survive. I loved having this opportunity with Sarah to add to my adventures. 


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is a community I lead to provide an online environment for women who want to share in their daily adventures, skills they are learning, and build freedoms together.

It is a safe space for women to expressing themselves through social impact & women owned businesses, to start the work of deepening their connection to their true wants by discovering their WHY!  Join me for nature retreats & freedom courses provided on our farm, opportunities to impact women in East Africa, and inspiration to lift up women in your communities & around the globe! Here is where we'll discover our stories, style & self-reflect together!

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Discover Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion company focused on creating empowerment & education for women.  A direct sales company with a purpose.  Build a BEST IN CLASS ethical wardrobe from around the globe with Genavieve as your Sseko Fellow.

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Want to learn more about how you can be connected to a community of real women in the US making change in our world?  Are you looking for a way that is fun & exciting to make an income? Feel like your purpose is to Show Up & Share your heart on key women's issues?  Do you love fashion?

Send me me a message to set up an interview to learn more about the Sseko Fellows Program & join the Founding Sseko Fellows Team, The Union of Bravery Tribe!

Outdoor Adventures on our Farm with Tentrrâ„¢

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Enjoy a stay on our 120 acre farm in Northeastern PA Farm Country!  Our 1st TentrrCo™ site (similar to Airbnb™ but for those who love the outdoors) is set under a field of stars, originally Native American settlement discovered on our farm.   Plan a coaching retreat, detox from entrepreneurship, or bring your family for a unique camping experience. 

A portion of each nights stay is donated to Native American education.


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